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Sometimes called term share accounts, Fond du Lac Credit Union’s certificates offer higher returns for your investment than a regular savings account. When you open the certificate account, you agree to leave it on deposit for a certain amount of time. Quoted rates at the time of investment are locked in for the term of the certificate, regardless of how rates fluctuate during the period. Dividends are compounded and paid quarterly.

Never had a certificate before? Consider our one-year “balance builder” certificate especially for those who are just starting to save. Just $100 to open with a one-year term. Plus, add any amount, at any time, up to $500 during the term.

Certificate Options

  • 90-day certificate
  • 180-day certificate
  • One-year “balance builder” certificate
  • One-year certificate
  • 18-month certificate
  • Two-year certificate
  • Three-year certificate
  • Four-year certificate
  • Five-year certificate

A penalty will be imposed for early withdrawal. Early withdrawals could reduce earnings.

A renewal notice is mailed at least 10 days prior to the maturity date. If your funds are not withdrawn by the 10th day after the maturity date, your certificate will automatically renew for the same term, at the new rate as of the maturity date. You’ll receive a disclosure with account details and penalties for early withdrawal.


How to Open a Certificate

Step One

Become a valued Fond du Lac Credit Union Member. Already a member? Skip to step two!


Step Two

Meet with one of Fond du Lac Credit Union’s Member Consultants to open a certificate account. While we do accept walk-ins, appointments are preferred. Call 920-921-1123 or use the form below to make an appointment.

Have a question about or want to open a Certificate account?

Give us a call at (920) 921-1123 or use the form below to get in touch.

Are you an existing member of Fond du Lac Credit Union?

Certificate Rates4

Comparison table of Certificate Rates4.
Product Min. Opening Deposit Int. Rate APY*
90 Day $500 1.500 1.508
180 Day $500 2.500 2.524
1 Year $500 3.750 3.803
18 Month $1,000 3.750 3.803
2 Year $1,000 3.500 3.546
2 Year $50,000 3.600 3.649
3 Year $1,000 3.500 3.546
3 Year $50,000 3.600 3.649
4 Year $1,000 3.500 3.546
4 Year $50,000 3.600 3.649
5 Year $1,000 3.500 3.546
5 Year $50,000 3.600 3.649
1 Year Balance Builder $100 3.750 3.803

4*APY is Annual Percentage Yield. Rates subject to change without notice. A penalty may be imposed if you withdraw any of the funds before the maturity date.

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