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Find the perfect mortgage

Knowledge is power. Knowing your choices gives you the power to make good decisions. Check your rate with FDLCU.

Your home is the foundation of your life. Fond du Lac Credit Union's mortgage application process is shorter and smoother with fewer hoops for our members to jump through. Our mortgage products give you the means to buy the home you need, including:

  • Houses
  • Condos
  • Vacant lots
  • Undeveloped land
  • Just about any primary residence
  • Second-home
  • Vacation home


An adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) is a home loan with an interest rate that can change. Adjustable-rate mortgages make a great fit for those who don't plan on living in one place for a long time. They can also allow you to take advantage of falling rates without refinancing. Our adjustable-rate mortgages are all kept in-house, which means you'll always make your payments right here at the credit union.


A fixed-rate mortgage is a home loan with an interest rate that remains the same for the life of the loan. Fixed-rate mortgages are a popular choice, as they can provide stability and consistent monthly payments. Fond du Lac Credit Union offers access to low rates and a variety of different programs, with down payment requirements as low as 3%.

What else makes Fond du Lac Credit Union’s mortgage loans a win?

  • Local decision-making
  • Local service
  • Low mortgage rates
  • Low closing costs
  • Quick turnaround
  • Online payments for most mortgage options

See Our Best Mortgage Rates


Do you already have a mortgage? We may still be able to help you. If Fond du Lac Credit Union’s rates are lower than what you’re currently paying, you may be paying too much. Contact one of our lending specialists to see how we can help.

How Much House Can I Afford?

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