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New Debit Card Questions & Answers

If you have a FDLCU debit card, you recently received a letter outlining the upcoming debit card changes. Some members have already called with questions so we thought it might be helpful to post them with the answers here.

Will the new card have a chip? 

Yes - this was explained in the April 1 Newsletter you received with your statement, on our website and on Facebook. 

I am going to be on vacation when the cards switch, how will I access my money? 

You can get a Travel Money Card from the Credit Union (which is safer for travel anyway). Otherwise if you receive your new card before you leave - take it with you and activate it by phone and use it beginning May 8. 

Will it be the same PIN I have been using? 

No - You will receive a new PIN a couple days after your new card arrives. You may call the number in the letter to change the PIN if you would like it to be something easier for you to remember. 

I have recurring payments on the current card. How do I change it with the merchants (or utilities)? 

You should be able to edit your "payment method" when you log in to the accounts for which you have automatic payments set up. If you have trouble making the change, contact the merchant. 

Will the new debit card be able to be used as credit (like in the past)? 

Yes - you will be able to use the new card just as you did the old one. 

Will this new card replace my Credit Card?

No - this is a debit card.

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