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Saving on Landscaping

son and father gardening

Gardening is fun, but it can get expensive. Here are some creative ways to save on landscaping costs:

1. Plant perennials

Go green with your garden by choosing plants that flower year after year. You’ll have to pay more out of pocket when you first plant these blooms, but the cost-free plants you’ll have each year will more than make it worth the price.

2. Make your own compost

Save money on mulch and other soil products by going the DIY route with compost. All you need is a designated outdoor bin to collect your old fruit and veggie peels, plant clippings and dead leaves. After a few weeks, you should have a pile of nutrient-rich soil ready to give your garden the boost it needs to grow and glow.

3. Grow and trade

For a colorful variety of flowers, plant perennials that grow and multiply quickly, like hostas or daylilies. Within a few years, you should have more of these than you need. Trade the extra blooms with friends and neighbors for new and interesting plants.

4. Propagate your plants

Grow your garden by helping your plants propagate. You can do this by separating an already growing plant into two and replanting; rooting a leaf or rooting a small stem with leaves. Find out more about propagating here.

5. Choose plants that are natural to your region

You’ll save on extra watering, soil correction and special plant food with these lower-maintenance plants.

6. Shop end-of-season sales

Plants that look wilted when on sale in fall can grow beautifully in the spring, as long as the roots are alive and well.

7. Leave your grass clippings untouched

The clippings will break down quickly, adding organic matter and nutrients to your grass.

8. Don’t cut your lawn too short

Shorter grass attracts more weeds and needs more herbicides. Higher grass will shade out pesky weeds while also developing a deeper root system. That means less watering! Keep your grass at 2- 2 ½ inches for best results.

Gardening is fun and rewarding — and it doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. Use our tips to cut back on landscaping costs without compromising on the health of your lawn.

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