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30 Days of Daily Challenges to help support your local community

Day 1

Choose a staple item (ex: bread) and commit to buying it locally this month.

Day 2

Visit your city's website and check out the events calendar. Fond du Lac's event calendar can be found here.

Day 3

Try out a new-to-you restaurant in your area.

Day 4

Follow some of your favorite local businesses on Facebook and Instagram.

Day 5

Spruce up your front yard, balcony, or windowsill with some flowers or greenery.

Day 6

Report a local issue (ex: graffiti, potholes, sidewalk damage) to public works.

Day 7

Write an online review for a local business you love.

Day 8

Pick up a local paper or newsletter and read about current issues in your community.

Day 9

Waiting in line or at the bus stop? Initiate small talk with a stranger today.

Day 10

Take a small bag for a walk around the block and pick up litter you see along the way.

Day 11

Go treasure hunting at a garage sale or thrift store this weekend.

Day 12

Buy this week's groceries at a farmers' market or independent grocer.

Day 13

Pick up a local recreation guide (or browse one online).

Day 14

Build goodwill with your neighbors?— bake them some treats or offer to help them.

Day 15

Fill up a shopping bag with old stuff and drop it off at a charity thrift store.

Day 16

Join a running club or group fitness class in your area.

Day 17

Snapping selfies at a local business? Be sure to tag them, too!

Day 18

Play tourist in your own city this weekend?— don't forget to bring your camera!

Day 19

Join a community garden (or rally the neighbors and start your own).

Day 20

Cheer on a local sports team?—minor leagues are still major fun.

Day 21

Visit a local coffee shop and buy a coffee for the person behind you in line.

Day 22

Write a letter to your elected official about a local issue or just to say thanks.

Day 23

Find an upcoming community event to attend this month and check it out.

Day 24

Strike up a conversation with a local business owner?—ask how they got their start.

Day 25

Track down a local band or live music venue and go to a show.

Day 26

Buy local art to display in your home or business.

Day 27

Take some treats to the local police station or fire department.

Day 28

Find a local organization that excites you and offer to volunteer with them.

Day 29

Go for a browse at the nearest independent bookstore.

Day 30

Create a workshop and offer to lead it at your school, library, or community center.


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